A 2018 university housing study affirmed that only 22 % of college students live inside on-campus dorms. Approximately 55 % of university students in the US live in other rental housing outside the university. 

Dorms aren’t the most prevalent housing choice in the university setting but have many unique benefits not available in other housing options. If you decide to live in a university dorm, the following are things to avoid.

Don’t Bring a Television

Young adults in America no longer spend much time watching television as they used to a decade ago. Apparently, Americans aged 18 and above spend a maximum of four hours a day in front of a TV. Streaming services have become a more prevalent way for young adults to access and watch their favorite TV shows and episodes and follow recent news.

Besides, considering the small size of university dorms, bringing a TV is not advisable. TVs are bulky and can take up most of your dorm unit space, making it look congested.

Kitchen Supplies

College dorms are small, with an average of 228 square feet of living space. They feel pretty congested when filled with unused items such as kitchen supplies. Most universities have a meal plan for students housed in on-campus dorms. It won’t make any sense to bring all the kitchen supplies and appliances you deem fit. Unless you’re the kind that takes late-night microwave meals, you wouldn’t need to get many kitchen supplies to your small dorm space.

Bringing items such as coffee makers, utensils, plates, cups, camp stoves, toasters, and grills is not worth the hassle. These items can take up a huge amount of your dorm space and inconvenience your day-to-day activities.

Drinking in the Dorm

University life is fun, and grabbing one or two bottles during the weekends or holidays is not bad, provided you’ve attained adult age. Most universities have dozens of clubs and restaurants surrounding them, so access to your favorite alcohol brand won’t be a problem. However, if you live in the university dorms, you must never bring alcohol to your cube. Laws and policies regarding drinking alcohol on campus, especially in dorms, vary based on the university.

However, the penalties for drinking on campus could be lethal. And do not forget that RAs are very strict and alert. It won’t be long before you fall into their trap. You wouldn’t want to be sent home or fined for misbehaving, so watch your back.

Don’t Bring Your Library to School

There is a lot to read and do on campus, and the university library will always carry plenty of books. Read the dorm rules to know if the university allows installing wall-mounted shelves in the dorm spaces. Books consume lots of space, and if the university has strict laws prohibiting installing wall-mounted shelves, bringing your personal library to the dorm could spell trouble. You don’t want to be fined for breaking the dorm’s rules or having to live in a crowded space.

In today’s world where technology is everything, you only need a tablet or kindle, and your book reading problem will be solved forever. If you must bring your library to your college, you might have to live in a rental apartment out of the college premises. Compare the best student apartments in Tallahassee to choose a student-friendly rental apartment large enough and affordable.

Do Not Bring Personal Printers

A personal printer can save you lots of money by the time you conclude your university studies. However, printers are large and not so space friendly, especially in small spaces like dorms. They aren’t the most ergonomic item you’ll ever find. They require bigger spacing and a solid support system like a desk. Bringing your printer to the small 228 square foot dorm space can make the room feel congested. Instead of giving yourself the headache of moving the printer now and then to create enough space, why not use the printing centers near or at the university?

If you must live in a university dorm, you must familiarize yourself with the rules and policies. Know what you can bring to your dorm cube and what you cannot. Besides observing the dorm rules, you shouldn’t do anything mentioned above unless the situation demands so.