The Triund Trek is a peaceful, clear and possibly the most enchanting trips in Himachal Pradesh, additionally perhaps the most famous in the country.

Journey along the oak and rhododendron woods, peaceful and amazing meadows, and questionable turns while getting a charge out of tea and chomps very still stops. There are rock-cut normal hollows after the journey end point, which are unprecedented to this excursion. Recall that the Triund Trek is uncommonly simple to achieve without a trip control.

  1. Convenient Facts
  2. Lodging in Triund
  3. District: Dharamkot, Himachal Pradesh
  4. Rise: 2850 meters
  5. Trip Time: 2 Days (9 kilometers moderate rising)
  6. Bother Level: Easy
  7. Best Time For Triund Trek

Sheep at the most raised characteristic of Triund

May, June, September and October are the best quite a while to see the worth in Triund Trek in winter. The environment is dependably dazzling and can get cold around night time. Rainstorm are besides an extraordinary opportunity to travel yet you presumably won't have any desire to camp for the present, in which case you can remain at a visitor house in Triund. Winters are really cold here, yet on the off chance that you wouldn't stress the cool, you can go in winters as well. The trip will be less stuffed.

The best method to Get There

You should appear at Dharamshala first.

Flight: From Delhi, you can go to Dharamshala, or take a looking at takeoff from whichever city you're coming from.


Alternatively, from Delhi, you can get on a transient vehicle to Dharamshala, appear at Dharamkot inside 3 hours by a taxi, and begin your excursion. Taxis at Dharamshala air terminal are plentily accessible. You can book a self-drive taxi from Delhi to Dharamshala, which you can benefit all through your visit and for your bring experience back.

From Dharamkot, excursion to Bhagsu Nag. Here you can use an aide assuming you really want, yet the way is truly ventured and with the assistance of adjacent people, you will be effectively ready to research the way yourself.

An almost is fascinating for learners

The secret way is really clear and direct for the hidden 5 kilometers. Regardless, after a steady trip, you will go over scarcely inconvenient, yet sensible 22 bends before you appear at Triund journey. The way is clear all through and you will run over different wayfarers on their rising and drop, you will not get lost.


You might run over Buddhist ministers looking for comfort, and friendly close by people who run the moves down en route. There a few refuges on the way. Shiva Temple is the most acclaimed, and the part of the outing is the meandering aimlessly Bhagsu Waterfall.

Bring Journey back

Camp until additional notification at Triund and return through a relative way to Dharamkot, a bit and beguiling town fixed with bohemian bistros and a sound group of Israeli pilgrims. Get back to Mcleodganj and like the different attractions of Dharamshala going before getting back to Delhi.


Travel: Bus cost from Delhi to Dharamshala will cost Rs. 600 to Rs. 1300 relying on whether you book a traditional or a Volvo transport. Taxi charge from Dharamshala air terminal to Dharamkot will cost around Rs. 2000. 

Food: Food will cost Rs. 500 to Rs. 1000 reliably.

Solace: Accommodation will cost around Rs. 500 to Rs. 1000 reliably.

Triund Trek Packages: Trek heads will charge around Rs. 1500 for Triund adventure (bars transport charges or food charges).

Camping out an area at Triund

Assuming that infrequently comes up short for you, you can remain at Triund Mountain Lodge, Moonlight Rooms or Forest Department Rest House. Assuming that you like, you can complete the trip and plunge by late night and remain at different reasonable cabins in Dharamkot. There are different inns accessible at Bhagsu furthermore. Spending inns will charge you around Rs. 800 to Rs. 1000, there are lodgings with better facilities that will charge from Rs. 2000 onwards.

Snowline Bistro After Triund

There are such inestimable restaurants and curious little bistros beginning from Mcleodganj, Dharamkot, Bhagsu very far up to Triund. The food is moderate and delectable. Close to the camping out an area, there is Sunil Tea Shop, Steep Start Sharma Cafe, Sun and Moon Cafe close to Gallu Devi Temple. The fine laidback bistro culture of Dharamkot will be a relaxing and enchanting experience.

Inside Lahesh Cave

On the off chance that you're not fulfilled simply making an outing to Triund, analyze Lahesh Caves (regardless called Snowline Trek) further on the way in Illaqa. From Triund, Laka cold mass is 2 kilometers uphill from where you can look at the amazing stone cut Lahesh Cave. Like night gigantic fire while you camp for the present.

Additionally, after your plunge, you will not nneed to look past Mcleodganj and Dharamshala, concerning Triund adventure attractions.

Norbulingka Monastery

A few kilometers from Mcleodganj, look at this quiet and strikingly Buddhist establishment with greatly manicured gardens and watch Buddhist ministers altogether associated with carpentry and different specialties.

Dalai Lama Complex

Visit this political seat of His Holiness Dalai Lama, a critical and quiet premises with a library, bistro, show campaign and heaps of Buddhist pastors.

Kareri Lake Trek

40 kilometers north of Dharamshala, this is one truly intriguing outing with heavenly perspectives and overlooked way.

Security and Travel Tips

Pass on a charming rucksack and remain hydrated all through the trip.

Take the necessary steps not to litter and don't be riotous.

Pass on a light sweater or coat in the event that not going in winter.

Pack a power bank, a Swiss front line and shades.

Wear exceptional climbing shoes and pass on additional courses of action of socks.

Take the necessary steps not to stress over pressing food, there will be a lot of choices on the way.

Pass on an actual issue and torment working with sprinkle, assuming that there should be an occasion of wounds.