Even though we frequently hear about video games and gaming consoles, we frequently forget how great it is to kill time with fun games on our cellphones. In fact, we routinely use our phones to kill time when on the train or while waiting at the dentist. While we tend to ignore these games, there are a ton of mobile phone games you can play to entertain yourself.  In addition, the selection of games within each genre is vast.

Some of the games on this list can be played for hours on end and are a great way to pass the time. View the list, and then choose your top favorite games to play when you have some free time.

Doodle Jump

In the platform game Doodle Jump, you have to keep Doodler, a little four-legged monster, from tumbling down any of the platforms. To move the Doodler and prevent him from falling, tilt your smartphone in the right directions. The cute little creature merely has to be directed to the platforms.

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Crazy Kitchen

By submitting a selfie, you can play the smartphone game Crazy Kitchen as either a chef or a visitor avatar. In this game, you have to feed a lot of people while also rescuing your loved ones or friends from the ice. You have a limited number of moves to choose three or more matching food icons in order to score. The game will keep on this way until you accomplish your objective. You lose the game if you run out of moves before finishing your task.

You are given five additional lives, enabling you to retry the level as often as you'd like before your lives expire. After you succeed, you advance to the next level. The next level becomes more challenging as you progress through each one. Your player may be awarded a variety of bonuses, boosters, and advantages depending on their performance or by building large food chains. Your boosters can be obtained and used later to assist you in beating a level that is more challenging.

Candy Crush Friends Saga

In Candy Crush Friends Saga, players move through stages in a manner akin to Crazy Kitchen, but with a different dynamic. Characters from both current and prior games can be seen all throughout the game. Similar to Crazy Kitchen, you must also match similar-looking candies in a specific amount of moves. You can receive boosters for matching more than three icons, and while playing the game, you can also receive additional boosters as presents. After finishing the colored oval-shaped level on the map, you'll be immediately taken to a harder one. You also have five lives to repeat games, but you have to wait for them to recharge before doing so.

8 Ball Pool

A cue ball and 15 numbered balls are used to play the call shot game known as 8 Ball Pool. Each player in this two-player game receives a unique ball series. Whoever pots the 8 ball in the final round wins the bet. The person who pots all of the balls gets a shot with the 8 ball. The white ball is the lone twist, and you must carefully hit it to win the game. The only way to play this game if you want to play against real players in real time is online.

Subway Surfers

In the single-player mobile game Subway Surfers, you have to escape a railway inspector who is behind you while dodging oncoming trains, obstructions, and other hazards. Along the journey, a player can earn money to raise their score and acquire special skills like hover boards and wings. The inspector will catch you and the game will end if you run into a train or a hurdle. Since it is acknowledged as a game to be played in your leisure time, you can play it while you wait for the train or in your free time.

Bowling Crew

Bowling crew is a unique form of bowling game. Instead of the usual ten frames in a bowling game, this game only has three frames with the same 10 pins that must be knocked down in two attempts. The number of pins you can knock down in a single round will decide your score, and if you do well, you will get a bonus. When a frame reaches its maximum score of 30, all pins have been removed and the maximum bonus has been earned. Your scorecard is visible in the top right corner, and your highest score determines the perfect game.

Beat Blade: Dash Dance

Free rhythm game Beat Blade: Dash Dance has a large library of well-known tunes and consistently adds new tracks. It can be difficult at first if you've never played rhyme games on your phone, but it gets simpler after you get the hang of it. While playing the instrument and singing your favorite songs, you might learn how to play it. You must run and move your character in order to hit and intercept icons; the more consecutive icons you hit, the faster your meter fills. There are obstacles and hurdles to dodge, much like in Subway Surfers, since if one stops you, the game is over.

Additionally, you can unlock additional songs with your coins, and the songs you choose affect the game's difficulty level. Besides that, how much energy you have will affect how many songs you can play each day.

Raid: Shadow Legends

If you are looking for a turn-based role-playing gacha game with a fantasy, Raid: Shadow Legends is the game for you. The game is set in Teleria, a made-up world that the Dark Lord Siroth has conquered. Although Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes and other similar gacha games can be auto-played with little actual attention, this one's wide variety of activities may cause players to adhere to less effective farming techniques because they don't understand what the many game modes are for. In Raid: Shadow Legends, there are various game modes, each of which is beneficial in its own way. Therefore, even though it could take some time for you to understand and get a hang of this game, once you do there is no going back.


When it comes to mobile games, there are many different genres to choose from, but some of them never go out of style and are still as addictive as when they were released originally. The aforementioned mobile phone games are a terrific way to pass the time and will certainly keep you entertained. We hope you will find a good game to play from this list as we have tried to cover all popular genres for you.