It is a proven fact that SEO assures one of the highest ROI among all the different kinds of marketing campaigns you may think of.  However, quite a many online stores are continuing to journey forward with no or little consideration given to search engines, which is a foolish mistake they are doing. Here are a few tips to maximize organic traffic to your ecommerce website.

On-page SEO

In the contest of an ecommerce platform, on-page SEO means ensuring that your keywords are in the right places. In this way, you can ensure that Google can precisely recognize your page. On-page SEO can also help your site appear in other types of SERP features.

Ecommerce product pages

Product and category pages are the most important components to rank. If your viewers find them on Google, they may gain immediate access to your products and services in the category they have picked up. In order to organize these pages properly, you must put your target keywords in the URL, title tag, body copy, image alt text, and metadata.

Content marketing

The most important part of your website and also your modern marketing strategy is your content. A study by Oberlo says over 96% decision makers find content marketing the most effective tool for their brand. Over half of marketers are using organic traffic to measure the success of their content. Over 70% of marketers are seen investing in active content marketing efforts. To be able to rank organically, quality content is very important for your site. Category and product pages can rank only for a given maximum number of keywords. Once you have maxed those out, it is not possible to cover any more search empire. Content helps fill in those gaps.

Technical SEO cleanup

SEO process is not only about keywords. There are several technical aspects to it that you have to take care. While performing commercial SEO audits or SEO cleanup, you must review and clearly understand the aspects of your website like site architecture, HTTPs, page speed, internal linking, redirects, duplicate content, mobile responsiveness, hreflang, canonicals, and site map.

Link building strategies

The two most important factors that Google highly cares about are content and links. One aspect that can tremendously improve your ranking is backlinks from third party websites that have a high domain authority. These are in fact considered as off-page SEO. It can be a complicated and time consuming process to create backlinks. Therefore, the smart way is to collaborate with other bloggers and retailers to get those links. Some of the most essential aspects of link building are resource page link building, partnership with influencers, broken link building, guest posting and stealing competitors’ link building.

Take away

During every stage, it is prudent to measure the success of your SEO efforts and fine tune the route and strategies you are adopting. So, find the best ecommerce SEO company in India who can play a definite role in the success of your ecommerce SEO mission.