India has surpassed 1.3 billion people, and its economy is expanding quickly, making it a desirable market for domestic and foreign companies. The rise of the best mobile trading app has significantly altered how people invest in and trade in markets.

Due to the accessibility of financial services through technology, trading applications substantially influenced this trend by enabling more people to participate in the stock market. As each of these trading applications has unique benefits and traits, they are all fantastic options for traders and investors in India.

Traditional brokerage companies in India have been challenged by the inexpensive brokerage fees and cutting-edge trading capabilities provided by mobile trading applications, allowing more consumers to invest and trade in the markets.

Additionally, By giving users access to real-time market data and news, instructional tools, and user-friendly trading platforms, trading apps have made it simpler than ever for consumers to engage in the markets.

Overall, these trading applications have opened up the stock market to a broader spectrum of individuals and democratized it, giving them the power to manage their money and make wise trading choices.

Top Trading Apps In India

Finding the Best trading app in India for investors and traders might be difficult, given the wide variety of trading applications on the market. Due to their cutting-edge features, aggressive pricing, and instructional materials, three trading applications have regularly risen to the top of the Indian market. Zerodha, Upstox, and 5Paisa are these applications.

By providing user-friendly trading platforms, real-time market data and news, and affordable brokerage fees, they have upended the conventional brokerage sector and enabled more consumers to trade and invest in the stock market on the go.


Nitin Kamath started Zerodha in 2010, making it a technology-driven organization that has revolutionized the traditional brokerage sector by providing low-cost transactions and cutting-edge trading tools. It has more than 5 million clients and has its headquarters in Bangalore.


The #1 trading app in India is Zerodha, thanks to a number of its features. The main benefit is its minimal brokerage costs, with free equity delivery deals. It is a desirable choice for traders and investors who want to reduce their trading expenses.

Moreover, Zerodha provides several trading platforms, such as Kite, a web-based platform enabling users to trade on several exchanges and market sectors. It also provides a user-friendly mobile app that gives access to news and real-time market data. To assist customers in honing their trading abilities, Zerodha also offers various instructional tools, including seminars and tutorials.


Zerodha’s features include the following:

  1. Create several charts

  2. Display up to 4 charts simultaneously

  3. Different chart types are available – candle, bar, line, mountain, etc.

  4. More than 20 drawing tools to choose from

  5. Immediate place orders from the charts

  6. Enhance the charts with indicators

  7. Compare various scripts

  8. Charts default to 1 min

  9. Can be changed to up to 1 month



Raghu Kumar and Ravi Kumar started Upstox, a bargain brokerage, in 2009. It has more than ten million customers and has its headquarters in Mumbai. Upstox is renowned for its user-friendly platforms and inexpensive trading services.


Upstox is a leading trading app in India because of its minimal brokerage costs and cutting-edge trading platforms. Its user-friendly trading systems allow for the quick and simple placement of trade orders.

Moreover, Upstox provides a user-friendly mobile app that gives users access to news and real-time market data. To assist users in honing their trading abilities, Upstox also offers various instructional tools, including seminars and tutorials.


Upstox’s features include the following:

  1. Universal stock search tool

  2. A single trading platform for currencies, futures, options, and equities

  3. For practical chart analysis, there are over 100 technical indicators.

  4. Various chart kinds, intervals, and drawing styles

  5. Trading directly from charts

  6. Make countless price alerts!

  7. Make as many personalized watchlists as you like!

  8. Real-time market feeds for prompt investment updates

  9. Access watchlists with specified criteria, including the Nifty 50 and other indexes.



IIFL Holdings established the bargain brokerage business 5Paisa in 2016. It has over 2 million customers, and its corporate office is in Mumbai. 5Paisa is renowned for its user-friendly trading platforms and inexpensive trading services.


A popular trading app in India, 5Paisa has inexpensive brokerage costs. Orders may be placed by users using its user-friendly trading platforms.

Access to real-time market data and news is also available via the 5Paisa smartphone app, which is simple to navigate. To aid customers in honing their trading abilities, 5Paisa also provides instructional tools, including webinars and seminars.


5Paisa’s features include:

  1. Use the 5Paisa mobile app to trade on the MCX immediately.

  2. Enter the scrip name to search for and discover information about specific stocks quickly.

  3. Available options for fast paperless loans and E-mandates for sips

  4. Participate in forums to meet other like-minded investors and learn about the market.

  5. Keep track of profit and loss across all areas, including F&O and currency

  6. In your way, with the 5Paisa Auto Investor function.

  7. With just one swipe, you may see the market’s movers, shakers, and losers from the previous year.

  8. Three watchlists with 150 scrips in total

  9. The chart formats, indicators, and heat maps combine technical and fundamental analytical elements.


Three of India’s most popular trading applications, Zerodha, Upstox, and 5Paisa, have entirely changed how Indians invest in and trade stocks. These mobile applications have democratized the market and made it available to a broader spectrum of individuals thanks to their inexpensive brokerage costs, cutting-edge trading platforms, and simple-to-use interfaces.

Also, customers have been able to develop their trading abilities and make wise trading judgments thanks to the instructional tools they provide. The above trading apps are all excellent choices for traders and investors in India since they each have particular advantages and characteristics.

Remember that those who want to trade on the stock market must keep the Best Demat Account in India. Each individual’s demands and tastes ultimately determine the trading app they should use.

Yet, it is evident that the top three trading apps in India are Zerodha, Upstox, and 5Paisa, all providing users with competitive pricing, cutting-edge functionality, and instructional materials to assist in making educated trading selections.