Nothing can beat walking into a cozy house in chilly winters or enjoying cool breezes in the blistering summers. Air conditioning is an absolute pleasure on scorching heating days, and blasting heat is sublime on a stormy frigid evening. However, they become a nuisance when they disseminate a musty stench through the house, indicating a professional Air duct cleaning in Lincoln. If your air ducts are stinky, read the article to learn how to fix the problem yourself and when to call a professional.

Common Air Duct Odors and Remedies

Awful Egg Stench: A rotten egg stench usually indicates a natural gas leak, triggering a significant problem, and you shouldn’t endeavor to resolve the problem yourself. Instead, consider opening the windows and escaping as soon as possible. Seek expert assistance after reaching a secure location.

Oily Smell: An oily odor may signify either of two problems: a leak at some place in your HVAC system or a fault with your HVAC system’s oil burner. It’s also an issue that shouldn’t be addressed without professional assistance. So, it’s better to contact a specialist.

Electrical Smell: Experiencing an electrical stench imply a blocked or uncleaned air filter. So, examine your air filter and switch your HVAC system off. If the air filter isn’t a culprit, there might be a wiring problem. Don’t tinker with your wiring unless you’re an electrician. Thus, consult a professional to fix the issue.

Hot Gas Smell: Burning gas doesn’t always indicate a concern. Dust accumulation in your HVAC system often generates a burning gas stench when it gets hot. However, you should consult a specialist if the stench isn’t emanating from air ducts and lasts for a prolonged time.

Moldy Smell: Mold development in the HVAC system triggers a musty or moldy odor. Fortunately, it’s readily fixable without professional assistance. Consider evaluating your electrical coil first, and if it’s moldy, purchase a coil cleaner to remove the mold. Open the access panel to locate the electrical coil, and spray and wipe it off.

A moldy stench sometimes signifies a blocked drain line, as accumulated condensation on your electrical coil drops into a pan and subsequently into the drain line. Consequently, it gets blocked, enabling moisture development and mold growth. Unclog your drain line and remove the dampness using a vacuum. Consult a specialist if the mold reappears. Since mold is detrimental to your health, overlooking it may endanger your family’s health.

Odors Of Pest Infestation: Trapped pests like mice in the air vents may cause these odors. It’s something you can handle yourself. More significantly, before cleaning the area, wear gloves and have a plastic bag to put the body in. Since rodents contain various illnesses, don’t remove a carcass without wearing gloves. Afterward, sanitize the region of your air ducts. 

However, If the removal appears complex, contact an HVAC specialist to clean the air ducts. Additionally, discovering a rat in your air ducts indicates there might be a hole or opening somewhere in the system that needs repair. Rats may come again if the openings aren’t sealed.