How Do I Connect My Netgear Extender to a New Router?

So, you decided to decouple your Netgear WiFi range extender with the existing router and connect it to a new one? But, it seems that you’re a little skeptical about how to go about the process. Worry not! This article completely focuses on the information about connecting a WiFi extender to a new router.

First of all, we want you to get familiar with the fact that you can connect Netgear extender to a new router either by accessing the web URL or using the WPS approach. How to use these two approaches? Let’s figure it out.

Before You Connect Netgear Extender to a New Router

For your information, creating a connection between the WiFi range extender and the new router is all about telling the former to amplify the signals emitted by the latter. It means it is all about performing the Netgear extender setup again. Therefore, we suggest you reset your extender to the default factory mode before doing anything else. Otherwise, no matter how hard you try, the connection between your devices will fail. Now, let’s move ahead and learn how to connect Netgear Extender to a new router using two different approaches.

Connect Extender to Router via Web URL

n the process of connecting your extender to a new router via the web GUI, you will be required to create a hardwired connection between them first. Therefore, keep an Ethernet cable handy so that you can go about the process without any hassle. Additionally, make sure that you are not going to put a damaged Ethernet cable to use. After that, follow the steps highlighted below:

Step 1: Power Up and Connect Your Devices

  1. Switch on your extender after selecting a working wall socket to do the power supply job.
  2. Once LEDs on your range extender become lit, get your hands on an Ethernet cable.
  3. Use the Ethernet cable for connecting your extender and the new router.
  4. Be sure to create a strong wired connection.
Are you done with the connection creation process? If yes, then walk through the next section.

Step 2: Select the Network to Extend

  1. The next task is to load an internet web browser on a computer or laptop.
  2. After that, type into the URL field and hit the Enter key.
  3. Use the default values of your extender to log in to it and reach the BASIC Home screen.
  4. Select the network that belongs to your new router and provide the required info.
  5. Save the changes and follow the instructions showing up on the screen.
This is how you can connect your Netgear extender to a new router. Keep in mind that skipping any of the instructions appearing on the screen might force you to face the Netgear extender not working problem. Therefore, be very careful while following them. In case you are not in the mood of accessing the URL for connecting your devices, consider using the WPS approach.

Connect Netgear Extender to a New Router via WPS

It is considered the easiest method to connect two WiFi devices. The only effort required from your end is to press a button. What button is that? Reading the following steps will make it clear to you.

Step 1: Assign a Place to Your Extender

  1. Place your extender in a room where your router is already kept.
  2. Do not place your devices too close.
  3. Power them up.

Step 2: Find and Press the WPS Button

  1. Are the LEDs on your WiFi devices stable? If yes, then look for the WPS button on the extender.
  2. Once found, press it.
  3. Now, you should look for and press the button with the same label on your new router.
  4. Wait for some time and let the connection get established.

In the End

That’s all about how to connect a Netgear extender to a new router. We are expecting that after walking through the information provided here, you will be able to establish a stable connection between your WiFi devices.

However, we suggest you take special care of the extender’s surroundings. It must not be surrounded by devices emitting EM waves or reflexive surfaces. Or else, its signals will not get propagated properly.

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