How to Reset Linksys AC2200 WiFi Extender: A Detailed Guide

There are hoards of reasons when user needs to reset Linksys AC2200 WiFi extender. Resetting the range extender means restoring the device back to the factory default settings. You are forced to do Linksys wifi extender reset in one of the following situations:

  1. Your range extender has stopped working all of sudden
  2. Unable to update extender’s firmware
  3. Getting firmware update failed message again and again
  4. WiFi extender keeps shutting off
  5. Can’t log in to WiFi extender
  6. Forgot or lost extender login credentials
  7. Extender not connecting to router
  8. Can’t access the extender’s SSID
  9. not working

Now that you are well aware of the reasons forcing you reset the Linksys AC2200 WiFi extender, scroll down a little and get instructions to initiate the process.

Hold on! Before you execute the process, you must make yourself familiar with the methods of resetting the Linksys AC2200 extender.

Methods to Reset Linksys AC2200 WiFi Extender

There are two different methods to perform the Linksys AC2200 extender factory reset process:
  1. One, is using the soft reset method
  2. And, second is using the hard reset method
In this post, we will make you familiar with both the methods one by one. Keep reading!

Reset Linksys Extender via Soft Reset Method

Step 1 - Power on your WiFi range extender and connect it to your main router using an Ethernet cable.

Step 2 - Once you are done, turn on a computer or laptop and get access to the Linksys AC2200 extender SSID.

Step 3 - Take the mouse cursor over the web browser address bar and enter

Step 4 - Press the Enter key.

Step 5 - To access the extender’s web-based setup page, provide the login details of your Linksys AC2200 device into the required fields and click on Login.

Step 6 - On the web-based management page, select Administration and thereafter, click on the Reset option.

In this way, you can reset your Linksys AC2200 WiFi range extender back to factory default values using the soft reset method.

What happened? Unable to log in to Linksys AC2200 WiFi range extender? 

Now, you might be thinking how to reset Linksys AC2200 extender, isn’t? Think no more because the hard reset method is there to help you restore your extender back to factory default settings. 

Scroll down a little to get the instructions!

Reset Linksys AC2200 Extender via Hard Reset Method

Note: Number of users are unable to login to the Linksys extender! Due to this, they can’t perform Linksys WiFi extender reset using the soft reset method. And, that is why, we suggest to reset Linksys extender via hard reset process:

Here are the instructions to hard reset Linksys extender:

Step 1 - Make sure to put your WiFi range extender on a continuous power. Apart from this, ensure that the power socket into which your extender is plugged is in working condition.

Step 2 - Now, locate the reset button on the extender.

Step 3 - Locate and press the reset button of the Linksys AC2200 device.

Step 4 - Wait for a few minutes.

And there you are! Your Linksys AC2200 extender resets successfully using the hard reset method.

Now, do Linksys AC2200 setup from scratch either using the manual or the WPS method.

Unable to Reset Linksys AC2200 Extender?

Are to unable to reset your WiFi range extender using the hard reset method? Need not to worry! Just ensure that:

  1. Your extender is disconnected from the router while the reset process is going on.
  2. No device must be accessing the Linksys AC2200 extender’s SSID
  3. The power supply should not be interrupted during the reset process


We really hope that the instructions we have provided in this article help you reset Linksys AC2200 WiFi extender in a hassle-free manner. Anticipating that after resetting and reconfiguring the device you have started making the most out of it already.

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