Orbi Keeps Losing Internet Connection – Simple Hacks to Fix It

If your Orbi keeps losing internet connection, then it might be happening because of the improper placement of the router. Perhaps, you have kept it in a non-ventilated space. Can you expect your WiFi router to emanate signals from an enclosed shell? Of course not! With that said, move it to an airy room. Also, ensure that you are not exposing it to direct sunlight. Otherwise, your router will overheat and get stuck in a reboot loop.

Well, there’s a lot more when it comes to placing the Orbi device. You also have to take care of the surroundings. The reason is, making it seated near objects containing a large amount of water and reflexive surfaces can impact the signal propagation phenomenon. The same is the case with heavy electronic appliances. Therefore, your WiFi router is supposed to be away from such things and devices. But, what if your router keeps losing internet connection even after changing the location? In that performing a firmware update using the Orbi Netgear login details is what we recommend.

In case you are not familiar with the process to update the firmware of the devices present in your Orbi mesh system, the section given below will help you out.

Orbi Keeps Losing Internet Connection – Update Firmware

  1. Start by powering up every unit present in your Orbi system.
  2. Once done, load an internet browser and access the admin panel of the router.
  3. You are now supposed to do an Orbi login using the valid details.
  4. Once done, you will see the Status page of the wireless router.
  5. Locate the Management option and select Firmware Update.
  6. Hit the Online Update option to navigate to the respective tab.
  7. Now, click the Check Online button adjacent to the router.
  8. Wait for some time and follow the on-screen prompts.
  9. To update the satellite, select Check Online adjacent to your satellite and follow the instructions.
This is how you can install the latest firmware on the units present in your Orbi mesh WiFi system. We advise you not to interrupt the process as it may prove harmful to your home network. However, if your Orbi keeps losing internet connection even after following the above-mentioned techniques, then it is a sign that you have to implement a few more troubleshooting tips to get it fixed. But, before we shed light on them, consider getting acquainted with the most versatile tip that works as a miracle in the networking world i.e. to reboot the router.

Reboot the Router to Fix Internet Issues

We are suggesting you reboot your WiFi router so that the technical glitches affecting its ability to work well can be kicked off. Additionally, rebooting helps in improving the output delivered by the networking device. Thus, you should not wait to reboot the WiFi router.

To reboot the Orbi, you should unplug it from the socket after powering it down. Now, the only thing required from your end is patience. Once you feel that your router has been given enough recovery time, you can plug it in anytime and power it up.

Orbi Keeps Losing Internet Connection – Other Solutions

The final hack in the line will be to reset orbi if you’re unable to get the issue resolved with the help of the aforesaid tips. But, before that, let us try hands of a few additional solutions that can help you fix the issue.

Replace the Ethernet Cable

If you’re reading this point, then it is a sign that the Orbi keeps losing internet connection issue has still not left your back. It also means that there is a probability of you using a damaged Ethernet cable for connecting the Orbi router and modem. If it is true, then we suggest you get it replaced with a new one as soon as possible. Once done, access the Orbi login page and see if the success hugs you this time.

Bring Router Closer to Modem

Your modem and router communicate wirelessly too. Therefore, it is necessary that the distance between them remains optimal. So, make sure that your WiFi devices are neither too close nor too far. This way they will be able to communicate effectively and resolving patchy internet connection with the device will become an easy task for you.

The Conclusion

That’s all about what to do if your Netgear Orbi keeps losing internet connection. We are hopeful that you will be able to get the issue fixed using the above-stated tips. If not, then you always have the option to reset Orbi and set it up from scratch.

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