Parents often look to swim schools for help. A quality one will offer their child a safe learning environment in which to grow while also offering value for their investment.

Small group classes allow students to receive more personalized attention from their instructors, which can make an enormous difference in their skill development.

Learn to Swim

Swimming skills should be learned early as it can save lives while providing healthy exercise to keep children fit and active. Children can easily pick up this essential life-saving skill when taught by trained swimmers in an enjoyable and safe class environment.

Star Swim School offers children the best learning environment through small classes designed to maximize learning. We offer both baby swimming lessons and children's swimming lessons suitable for all age groups.

At our kids swim lessons, our lessons run year-round to offer uninterrupted training and ensure students progress quickly through levels. Our system of exit criteria enables your child to move onto the next level once they can perform all required skills and drills at one level.

Baby Swimming Lessons

Start swimming lessons early for your baby to reap many advantages, including increased coordination, posture and balance as well as stronger immune systems and healthier heart and lungs. Furthermore, baby swimming class clyde north help build relationships between baby and caregivers.

Aquatic education helps lower the risk of drowning, which remains the leading cause of accidental deaths among Australian children aged under 4.

When selecting a swim school for your infant or child, ensure the water temperature is optimal to provide them with an enjoyable learning experience. Look for schools with small class sizes so they receive personalized instruction from their instructor; this helps speed up progress faster. Likewise, be sure to confirm whether all safety measures have been put in place at their chosen facility.

Kids Swimming Lessons

1.     Swimming lessons for kids can be both an initiation rite and all-weather activity, making the water an accessible way of learning how to swim.

2.     Here are some great spots in the area where they can learn.

3.     Cherry Hill Swim School in Cherry Hill provides small group and private lessons year-round. Classes range from parent/baby and toddler lessons to preschool beginner and intermediate sessions; every four-week session never exceeds three students to ensure each child receives enough individual attention from a qualified swim coach.

4.     As parents, we should aim to find swimming lessons for our children that provide both an engaging learning experience as well as joyous success for both trainers and pupils alike.

5.     A quality school should include facilities such as change rooms for kids, hygienic services with comfortable amenities and optimal water temperatures to make learning fun!

Adult Swimming Lessons

At our adult swimming lessons clyde north in warm-water pools, students advance at their own pace ensuring a relaxing and rewarding experience. Our instructors are on hand to answer any questions and address concerns; classes can be found at Brunswick Baths, Coburg Leisure Centre and Saf-T-Swim New Hyde Park; Brunswick Baths also provides Casual Fitness Squad sessions while Coburg Leisure Centre runs Water Sensory Play programs.

Our River Otters program is a pre-competitive swim team, focused on honing all four competitive strokes, starts, and turns as well as building endurance to prepare our students for future competition. Successful completion of Learn to Swim level 5 is required before enrolling; class size will not exceed eight students-per-instructor ratio.

Jinith Nair did not learn to swim as a child but wanted to improve. So she enrolled with Star Swim Schools of Brunswick Baths to receive Adult Swimming Lessons.

Women’s Swimming Course

·       At the forefront of choosing a swim school should be safety.

·       A reputable swim school will offer an environment with safe facilities, clean amenities and optimal temperatures to provide comfort to both children and adults.

·       West Australian swimming club have established women-only pool sessions as part of an initiative aimed at combatting higher drowning rates among female migrants.

·       While this pilot project may become permanent in time, some are hopeful.

·       Samantha, owner of Star Swim Schools, has had the incredible opportunity to meet and work alongside some of Australia's greatest Olympic swimmers, such as Dawn Fraser.

·       Dawn won four gold and eight silver medals during three separate Olympic campaigns between 1956 and 1964; Samantha feels truly honored that such an extraordinary athlete will be sharing their time and knowledge.