Do you think making diagrams and arranging columns get on your nerves? Are you looking for a way out to make your procedures and methods easy and comfortable? Well, if that is the case then go for the best tools for your working.

Tools that can help you

It's time that you manage PostgreSQL schema through powerful interactive diagrams.  With the tools like PostgreSQL table designer tool, you can easily create new tables, columns and even indexes directly in the diagram. The diagrams can get exported as HTML vector images.

  1. Schema can get edited directly in the layouts (diagrams).
  2. The layouts get saved to the project file and reopen next time you access the app
  3. HTML5 documentation with interactive vector image can get exported
  4. Moreover, foreign keys can also be drawn using different notations, with lines pointing to tables or to that of columns.

The point is once you have the right tool for your working you get the best outcomes that too without any hassle.

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Edit Tables in Diagram with ease 

Once you have the right tool you can double-click tables, columns or even foreign keys to edit. Tables can get added to any layout by drag and drop. Form the foreign keys by drag and drop of the referring column over the main key column.

Virtual Foreign Keys

You know virtual Foreign Keys are formed only in a good Schema and saved to project file. Making use of them you can better describe the schema. These are used in Relational Data Browse for discovering data from manifold tables, in Query Builder for joins and for even getting a better understanding of the diagram or schema.

Fast preview Data 

You can also click a table header and preview the database data. You can get a better view by picking the options like 'Relational Data Browse Editor', with a simultaneous view of information from manifold tables.

Reasons to use these modelers 

There are many reasons that you should use these designer and modeler tools. Have a look:

Easy to use

Easily create and edit database models with a proper, simple and intuitive interface. The forms showcase the fields that should be filled so as to cater to the right generation of SQL code.

Open source 

Get, modify and even redistribute the source code without any type of charge. The project can have a public repository that permits people full access to the source code. Developers can easily create their own versions from the current ode.

You can enjoy plugin support 

Missing any type of functionality? Feel free to implement it! You can make use of the plug-in development interface and access all pgModeler's classes facilitating the formation of additional features that too without changing a single line of the core code.

Dynamic code formation 

Design once and export to manifold versions. With its dynamic code production, pgModeler’s is able to export the designed models to diverse versions of PostgreSQL. The point is whether this tool or snowflake data modeling tool; these tools are effective and powerful.


Thus, if you haven’t used any of these tools for data and table designing and so on; you must not miss out on these.