You will risk the chance of drawing attention from readers if your essay turns out to be boring. No matter how much you may find essay writing to be a dreadful task, you secretly wish that your essay is good enough to put on a smile on your professor’s face. Submitting mediocre Ghost Writers is the worst nightmare any student can experience.

Impressing your professor with your essay-writing skills will be a tough nut to crack. While writing your essay, you should also know how to have fun with it. You need to dream big. Go beyond just getting a passing grade, avoiding plagiarism mistakes, or achieving approval from the teacher. Aim high if you want your professor to have a broad smile when reading your essay.

I give you 10 excellent ways how you can fulfill it. Read all of the tips if you want to leave an everlasting impression on your teacher.

Be clear about the essay prompt

Consider the type of essay you are required to write. Pay close attention to each instruction of the prompt. Your essay should directly answer the essay question given to you. If you don’t want to get overwhelmed due to the wide scope, stay specific when conducting your research.

If you find anything confusing in your essay prompt, clear them out immediately. This will show your sincerity, seriousness, and how consistent you are when writing your essays.

Be interested in what you are writing about

Problems arise when you are forced to write an essay on a topic in which you lack interest. It's not easy to conjure passion for an essay topic you or not find interesting. During such time, consider adjusting your mindset. Look for an interesting snippet of information and try seeing it from a different angle. Find out how it relates to the real world. Think about your reader and imagine them as the biggest fan of the subject.

Add fascinating details

Make your essay to be worthy of reading for your readers. Consider adding a fascinating snippet of information that makes your essay look interesting. It can be through interesting details or writing style, which you can make your essay look informative. Add details that readers will find exciting and engaging. You can add facts, figures and quotes from people relevant to the field. So, the reader will be inclined to know more about your essay topic.

Create a strong thesis statement

A thesis statement is the most important part of your essay paper. It should be brief and must contain explanations of what the essay is all about.

It should be specific and long enough to discuss all the major points of the essay topic. A thesis should be able to establish the argument that you are making strongly. Every point that you are adding must support your thesis.

Write the body section first

Although Academic Writing Service the introductory part of an essay seems like the most logical thing to do, you can do better by writing the body paragraphs first. An essay has at least 3-4 paragraphs. Doing so will help you fine-tune your ideas before summarizing them in the introduction. The first sentence should contain the main idea of the paragraph. The rest of the paragraph will be followed by supporting information.

Add background information

If you want to ace your essay, go beyond what the reading list suggests you. When you add extra background information, you are giving detailed information on the subject matter that will enhance the knowledge of your readers. You can share other relevant works of the same author, provide literary criticism or just simply provide background history.

Write an engaging introduction

The introductory paragraph is where you can tempt your readers to read further in your essay. Make sure to put all your efforts into making this part compelling. This is where you introduce your storyline. So make sure to make it as attention-grabbing as possible. Your goals here will be to provide a brief on the essay topic and add relevant and interesting facts from credible sources.

The introduction need not be a lengthy one. It needs to be engaging, and impactful, and contain a few catchy sentences. Add as many provoking questions and facts as possible to captivate the reader’s attention. If you do this right, readers will be drawn to read the essay further.

Increase the habit of reading

Consider reading newspapers, books and works of other people that will improve your writing style. Carefully read them and analyze the strategies used by Ghost Writers to support their arguments. You will be introduced to their unique learning technique and you might infuse in your essay writing. Reading more works from others will expand your vocabulary and help with conveying your ideas more effectively and clearly.

Proofread it effectively

Read your essay out loud. Check the sentence flow, fluency of the content, structure, and authenticity of the essay. Consider each mistake at once when revising your essay. Do your best to ensure your essay paper is 100% error-free. Proofreading will enhance the readability, uniqueness, and originality of the essay paper. Also, check the formatting and ensure the essay paper has the correct spacing. Based on the tone of the essay, you may also require adjusting conjunctions as well as colloquial terms in your essay writing.

Cite accurately

You need to give proper credit to the original source of information. Using relevant quotes to support your information is okay as long as you cite them properly. Avoid adding information from anonymous blogs or Wikipedia. Focus on creating accurate in-citation as well as creating a bibliography. Use the appropriate referencing style for formatting your essay.


Are you having trouble writing a top-quality essay paper? Ghost Writers an engaging essay need not be a far-fetched dream anymore. Write your essay with confidence by taking the help of the best tips and strategies. Get into detail about each tip to get your unique ideas across to your readers. Going through all the tips will help you get your essay writing to the next level.