Keeping the body fit and agile has today become a necessity to live a healthy life. If you are not getting any success from running, jogging or practicing yoga all by yourself, it is probably time for you to look for a professional trainer.

Now, there are two types of trainers most gyms will offer – those offering personalized training only to you and those training in small groups of eight to 10 people. Personal training and group training both have become quite popular in the recent times. But which is better? What should you choose? How is one different from the other? Well, the answer isn’t as easy and uncomplicated as you may think. Both have their pros and cons and today we shall be talking about the difference between the two.

Goals for Training

People train for all sorts of reasons. Some train because they have to fit into a role, some train to get rid of the extra fat, others train to strengthen their muscles. How you choose your trainer depends largely on what you want to achieve. If it is a personal, nuanced goal that you aim to achieve, you must get a personal trainer. For example, if you are an actor training to fit into the character you will need the personalized attention from a trainer who is solely responsible for you. However, if you want to get generally fit, training with a small group can be advantageous, motivating and mood-lifting.


Training inside a gym requires dedication, patience, ability to stick to a routine and following numerous dietary restrictions. Trainers generally agree that training in small groups helps people who are not accustomed to the hard regime of gym training. Positive peer pressure can help someone who has no previous experience of training. However, if someone is used to training and understands their body and need, they do prefer to choose a personal trainer.

Budgetary Limitations

Everyone has a budgetary limitation and many a times that can be a deciding factor on the kind of trainer you choose. It almost goes without saying that a personal trainer will be expensive whereas for a group training session you will have to pay lesser. If you can afford to enroll into a personal training session, there is obviously nothing better than that. But group sessions are beneficial too and inexpensive to a large extent.

Custom Results

In gym personal training, a trainer can develop a customized routine that takes in account a client’s abilities, injuries and also preferences. A person’s motivation level is also considered by a personal trainer. If however you do not have any personal goals specific to your body type, it is better to go for a group training session. Such sessions can be highly motivating and the learning graph can be steep.

Choosing the Right Gym for You

As we have highlighted, both group trainers and personal trainers have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Their difference only becomes prominent based on personal choices. But who you choose as a trainer is only half the story. How you train and how long you continue to follow the routine is as important as who your trainer is. If you are looking for the best gym in Hobart, you will find all kinds in your neighborhood. So, how do you choose the one that’s best for you? Here are few things to keep in mind.

• Fitness - Look for a gym that offers goal oriented training sessions – both in personal training as well as in group training.

• Fun -Training can become an arduous task if it is not fun. Working out should be about keeping your body and should also give you the chance to share a few laughs and create memorable moments.

• Place to Make Friends - Friends who train together, grow healthier together.

A gym should be a place where you can make friends, get to know new people and learn about newer training techniques. If you are surrounded by people who are motivated and inspiring, you would love and enjoy every moment spent in the gym.

Choose your trainer and your gym in Hobart today. Don’t wait for the right time. You just need to start training and that can begin right away!


In this write-up we take a look at the difference between personal trainers and group trainers and discuss ways to choose the best for you.