The main item that a property valuation report depicts is just the single sum or the price range, figured out by the specialist property evaluator, as the appropriate market price of the commercial or residential property. Nevertheless, all property valuation firms provide distinct items and a few of them much more information, than this single figure in valuation reports. They will provide you a comprehensive review of the steps that they followed in their research, to arrive at the right conclusion. They additionally provide their clients with, some standard criterion which allow them to, use and decipher the information. Here are the key items that you may get on a property valuation report.


These are the most crucial section of any commercial multifamily valuation report:

Registered owners

  1. The legal description of the property comprising land and structures
  2. Resource/zoning management
  3. Assessments which include rates.


Under this section the property evaluator will describe the specification concerning the area and the demographic description. This encompasses the features and facilities available in that area along with its surrounding area.

Description of Enhancements

This is another pivotal part of any multifamily valuation report of a commercial property. Any enhancements done to the property can build its value immensely, so they are always referenced on the valuation report.

The Method Deployed

Basically, three methods are deployed by the professional property valuers, to value the property – Sales approach, Income Appreciation approach and Depreciated Replacement cost approach.

List of Identical Sales

All property valuers will furnish you with a list of identical or comparable sales, so you are able to figure out the value of your property appropriately.

Something very important that you have to remember is that property prices the world over, change very quick. So, your property valuation report will be valid just for a brief duration.