The sparkling diamond is basically another form of dark carbon. This is mainly known to be the queen of precious stones. It is popular for the flawless nature. Before buying the diamond, you will have the knowledge of 4C's that includes color, cut, carat and clarity. These four simple factors assist you in determining the value of a diamond.

Diamond Engagement Rings

The engagement rings are considered a valuable and treasured piece of jewelry. This is actually a symbol of your love, and this is why couples prefer a diamond ring. Diamond rings for engagement need to be chosen very carefully so that the ring can satisfy the recipient for a whole life. There are ample amount of rings such as vintage, solitaire, three stone ring and many others. But one of the most excellent ways to show your true love is by buying a diamond engagement ring with matching wedding bands.

Further mentioned below are a few points that can help you test the authenticity and help you buy the best product in the market:

Consider The Price

The diamond jewelry pieces are sure to last for long, and it is worthy of spending. However, you must compare its price and quality with the other variants available in the online market. Before finalizing the decision, make sure it is worth purchasing.

Beware Of Fakes

In today’s time, mass production and replication are two things that have gained wide acceptance and popularity. The machines produced these days have made it very easy for any seller to replicate an ancient artifact very easily and quickly. Asking the seller about the origin of the particular ornament you will buy can help you further know more about the authenticity of the product. 

Added Charges

With every piece of jewelry you buy, there is a making charge that is levied on it. The making charge essentially consists of the labor charge that was invested. However, making charges change according to the market rates of the products sold. However, insisting on fixed making charges can significantly reduce the prices of such jewelry and is definitely the way to go. 


One other sure way of telling if a diamond is a fake is considering the paperwork it comes with. Legit products always come with documentation proving their authenticity. Professional appraisers or people who are connected to an established organization provide the ring with a certificate of authenticity, which is strong evidence for any doubts you have about the diamond ring being a fake. 

Keeping in mind the points mentioned above can ensure that you buy an authentic product and do not go wrong with the purchase. However, one of the things you should always try to keep in mind is time. Take ample time and do some research before finalizing your decision of buying lab grown diamond engagement rings

Importance of Diamond Ring Maintenance

Wearing a diamond ring comes with some responsibilities. If you are a forgetful person, then it is better to lock it up in the safe. People who wear a diamond ring on a daily basis will see a build-up of fine dirt layer. This will lower the light-reflecting capability of the rock. Thus, maintenance of these vintage rings must be at the top of the list.

Wash With Lukewarm Water and Mild Soap

If you want to wash the jewelry at home, then use only lukewarm water and mild liquid soap. Submerge the trinket in the soapy water and let it rest there for 10 to 15 minutes. After this, use a soft brush to get rid of the dirt. Do not forget to insert the bristles in the crevices, where the dirt build-up is more.

Leave the Task to the Jewelers

Stores that make diamond rings also offer cleaning services. A visit to the shop will take care of your worries, and the old rock will shine up like a new diamond. Though one can clean the ring at home, these stores have access to professional machines. 

The service providers will clean the rock, band, and the crevices carefully. It will not only remove the dirt, but a polish will also increase the shine of the stone. A visit to these shops twice on an annual basis is enough for the upkeep of your old band.