Accused of felony charges? If you are living in Texas, you need to go for the best criminal defense attorney since there are many in Texas. So, what kind of a felony charge is it? Is it a drug offence or family violence or anything else? Whatever it is, you need the best attorney to reduce your charges or punishment and bail you out, if possible. You have committed a crime and you need a criminal defense lawyer to save you from jail term or other punishment. Do you have any idea about punishments for felony charges? Here is a take on them.

Felony and Punishment

Felony is the most serious criminal offence punishment in Texas and in US, and the punishment for a felony crime in Texas can be a 180 days term in jail at the minimum to a life spent in prison. You can be fined up to an amount of $10,000, and be ordered to be under community supervision.

Needless to say people facing one or the other felony charge have to contact the best criminal defense lawyer since the criminal justice system is a pain in the butt for felony offenders.

So, how do you select the best criminal defense lawyer for defending your felony charge in the court of law? Here is a guide.

Experience in criminal defense involving a wide range of felony charges

Only an experienced group of attorneys attending to criminal defense for years can defend your charges rightly. There is a huge range of felony crimes. A criminal defense lawyer who is experienced in defending assault causes bodily injury family member, but having no experience in marijuana defense or property crimes or first time offenders, cannot function as an effective criminal defense lawyer for a person who is accused of bodily injury to family members. So, experience in a wide range of felony charges is a must.

Experience as prosecutors

Only the prosecutor can find out the loopholes in the argument of the defense lawyer. So, a criminal defense lawyer can be a successful and effective Weatherford dwi attorney only if he or she has years of experience in convicting people of driving while intoxicated. Being at the prosecutors chair lets one scan an event and a personality from a wide angle. So, a criminal defense laywer having years of experience in prosecuting people accused of felony charges can be a good attorney for defending felony charges.

A team of lawyers

It is never possible for a single Weatherford DWI lawyer to defend every single kind of felony charge. In fact, it may not be possible for one lawyer to have experience in all possible felony charges in Texas. So, it is a good idea to go for a team of criminal defense lawyers who together have a wide range of capabilities and experience throughout the range of felony charges.


Zero in on two or three lawyers or groups of lawyers and make sure to consult each of them. Some of them may also offer free consultation, at least initially. Decide after the consultation.