In this tech-savvy world, millions of people around the globe use the Rockspace extender to get blazing-fast internet speed. Rockspace add on the many flawless features in the extender that enhance the internet experience. However, today we are going to discuss about the steps to enable the Rockspace_ext SSID so that you can extract the maximum output from your WiFi extender. If you do not know the procedure then this post is best option for you. Read out it and enable the SSID of their Rockspace extender in a hassle-free manner.

Essential Steps to Enable SSID

Power on the Extender

To begin with, power on the Rockspace extender by plugging it into the working wall outlet that supplies the error-free power supply.

Note: Do not use the short circuited or damaged socket otherwise your device will not response positive.

After plugging the extender, press the turn on button to boot up the device.

Connect Extender to Router

It is time to make a strong connection between the extender and router with the assistance of an Ethernet cable. You need to take the quality Ethernet cable into your hand and insert its ends into the device's Ethernet ports.

Switch on the Computer or Laptop

Now, you need to power on the computer and laptop according to which you have. Both the devices are good for the process. To turn on the computer plug its power cable into the working power socket and press the start button.

Moreover, you can also use the UPS for battery backup in case of electricity cuts in your area.

Open the Internet Browser

Now, you need to launch the internet browser on the respective device that you use for the procedure. You can go with any web browser for the process. It should run on its updated version because the outdated version of the browser does not support networking sites.

Access the Default Web address

Once the internet browser is open access the default web address of the extender. You need to type the re.rockspace.local into the address bar of the browser without making typos. Thereafter, push the Enter key.

Log In to Extender

  1. Now the Rockspace extender login portal will open. Here you need username and password to move further.
  2. Put the admin details in the on-screen fields carefully because the wrong details do not let you access the dashboard of the extender.
  3. Click on the Log In button.
Note: During typing the admin details (Username and Password) make sure the caps lock of the keyboard is off.

Enable SSID of Extender

Now you will land on the dashboard of the Rockspace extender in which you need to follow the following points to complete the process:

  1. Go to the Menu settings.
  2. Click on Advanced Settings.
  3. Select the Administration Setting of the extender.

Now, the list will open in which you need to look for the Wireless Settings option.The Wireless settings panel will open in which you need to follow the on-screen instruction.

These are the steps that you have to follow to complete the process. Once the SSID is enabled you can access it on your respective device to enjoy the internet. You can also perform the RockspaceWiFi extender firmware update by following the same method that are mentioned above.


This is the process to enable Rockspace_ext SSID of the extender through web GUI method. Once the SSID appears in the network name list, then access it and use the high-speed internet speed in your gaming console and smart devices.